- Concrete Polish at 800 Grit

Concrete Polishing In Wallingford, CT

Concrete Polishing In Wallingford, CT

Concrete Polishing Called In To Help Wallingford Business

Carpet Adhesive Concrete Polish

A growing electronics distributor remodels it’s warehouses, starting with the flooring system. After careful consideration of various floor type including Vinyl Tile (VCT) and epoxy floors. Heavy steel shelving will be installed and forklift traffic will be standard. This customer was looking for an economical and maintenance free solution to their flooring needs. Concrete Dusting was also a concern as it was affecting the inventory packaging, not to mention the hazards to the staff lungs. Concrete Polishing was the best choice to solve all these issues.

Most of the floor had carpet and adhesive that had to be removed. In doing so, we found hundreds of linear feet of cracks we needed to repair. We saw cut them and filled the with Polyurea. The adhesive removal and the first cut took most of the time to accomplish.

After that the remaining cuts went smoothly.

Concrete Polishing First Cut

The finish product yielded a hardened, sealed, dustproof and glossy surface that shined to an 800 grit polish. The floor will be maintenance free for many years. Traffic patterns will dull after a heavy use and can be quickly buffed back to a shine annually. - Concrete Polish 800 Grit – Concrete Polish 800 Grit