Floor Prep and Grinding

Floor Contractors In Connecticut, USA

Floor Prepping and Concrete Grinding Service

Concrete grinding is essential is preparing floors for any kind of treatment including resinous flooring, cementitious overlays, tile applications and many other flooring types. Diamond grinding helps floors achieve flatness while improving bonding properties of any adhesive. A properly prepared concrete floor will significantly reduce bond failure of any type of flooring system.

CT Concrete Polishing has many different type of diamond grinders ranging from simple handheld grinders to a 1000lb, 3-phase industrial machine. All of our equipment is vacuum assisted for dustless environments. Wet grinding is also an option where specified. Our machines can adapt to Industrial and Residential applications.

For floors that need repairs, we have electric-air powered jack hammers, electric-gas powered scarifiers that can remove coatings with materials up to ½ inch in thickness.