Concrete Repair

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Our Concrete Repair Procedures Are Tested and Proven To Extend Concrete’s Life Span

Concrete is an extremely strong and durable product if correctly protected. Unfortunately, installations are not always prescribed a protective treatment when placed. But don’t worry because CT Concrete Polishing has the solutions for  repair and protection. No matter what the damage is, we have done the research and field testing for repair materials and methods that are proprietary to us. Our concrete repair procedures are thoroughly engineered, tested and proven to extend concrete’s life span of concrete beyond the averages. We can repair all types of concrete damage on any concrete surface including foundations & retaining walls, and all concrete flatwork, either interior or exterior. Our all-weather services can be performed at temperatures down to 20 degrees, making public areas safe and eliminating legal worries for property owners and property management companies. Popular repairs also include warehouse floors and damage occurring from forklift traffic. Efflorescence can be removed and treated with an invisible penetrating shield that can eliminate it from leeching through walls and floors. Concrete Moisture Barriers, a popular mold elimination process, are available for both residential and commercial concrete surfaces. Salt Damage including scaling and spalling of the concrete’s cream layer due to expanding moisture inside the concrete can be remedied with proper demolition and treatment. Our rubberized traffic decking products can resurface and waterproof balconies and any slab with useable space beneath it.

Spalled Concrete Walkway

Scaling & Spalling: Moisture damage from freeze-thaw cycles can rapidly deteriorate the surface of concrete if not properly protected. Moisture can enter concrete from the top, sides, or bottom of the slab. If too much moisture is present from a thaw, like deicing chemicals can create, during freezing temperatures, the water inside the pores of the concrete will re-freeze and expand many times its original size. This expansion of frozen water droplets creates hydraulic pressure and will seek the path of least resistance- the top layer of the slab, thus imploding the thin cream layer on top of the aggregate. This is called scaling. When the damage continues it will implode the aggregate portion of the slab and create holes and trip hazards. This damage is called a spall . These types of damage can be repaired reasonably if caught in the early stages. Unfortunately, we get the call when the damage has traveled deep into the surface, creating a trip hazard liability. Call us as soon as you begin to see the scaling of your concrete surface. To stay ahead of the problems, we recommend a Salt Protection. CT Concrete Polishing has procedures to treat concrete surfaces that will protect from salt damage before the issue begins.

Salt Damaged Joint

Salt Damage: Salt damage to concrete can happen from deicing materials and salt-air environments at shoreline locations. Salt and salt air can penetrate untreated concrete pilings, piers, flatwork, and exposed foundations creating concrete and reinforcement steel corrosion. Corrosion on steel reinforcement will create rust that will expand inside the concrete. This expansion pressure from rusting steel, similarly to freeze expansion, will implode the concrete from the inside, creating unsightly and dangerous conditions. CT Concrete Polishing has a Salt Treatment process that helps prevent this type of damage. It is especially popular for residential and commercial walkways, entry ways, condominiums, apartments, retail plazas, shopping malls and all types of vertical and flatwork concrete.

Concrete densifier

Concrete Densifier / Strengthener: CT Concrete Polishing has a penetrating hardening process that will seal and heal weakened concrete. This semi- clear liquid application works with the existing unreacted chemistry in your concrete. It creates a chain reaction that with grow crystals inside the capillaries and pores within the concrete structure and create a gel-barrier as well. CT Concrete Polishing has its own proprietary blend of penetrating agents that perform double duty. We have different formulations for each type of concrete. This process can be used to strengthen and waterproof foundation walls, retaining walls, basement floors, garage floors, and all types of outdoor concrete.

Epoxy Crack Injection-Basement

Crack Repair: Epoxy crack injection is the repair of choice that can strengthen and salvage cracked foundation walls. Urethane crack injection is useful to permanently stop water leaks through a foundation crack. For severely damaged foundations we have strengthening and reinforcement solutions including Kevlar and Carbon Fiber Technologies. Flatwork crack repair can be successful when grade, drainage, and base material is remedied and properly re-engineered. Special low viscosity resins can be gravity fed, and pressure injection materials can be pumped in to cracks that have been properly chased with diamond blades. Additional reinforcement on crack repairs can include strategic jointing with saw cuts and proper carbon fiber stitching.

Slab Raising Before & After

Trip Hazards: For those uneven slabs in walkways, patios, pool decks, and any other flatwork we perform Slab Raising Services. Raising methods, also known as Slab Jacking and Mud Jacking, include pressure injecting a flowable cementitious grout fill through holes drilled into the concrete, thus filling voids in the base material. When all void filling is complete, the hydraulic action of the pumped in fill lifts the slabs back to original level. Compared to concrete demolition and re-pouring the process is not messy, less expensive, and fast enough to put the area back in service the same day! Sunken slabs of all types can be slab jacked up to original position including warehouse and industrial floors, basement floors, garage floors, pool decks, sidewalks, patios, porches, steps, carports, driveways, dumpster pads, equipment pads and much more.

Driveway Spray Texture Before and After

Resurfacing: Finally, we can hide any concrete repairs by applying a DiamondKote® Overlay – the perfect cover-up for all concrete surfaces.